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Our firm's Engineering experience covers a wide range of project types including:

* Transportation
* Commercial Development
* Utilities
* Residential
* Industrial
* Public Works Construction


* Subsurface investigations.
* Provide foundation and retaining wall design.
* Offer site-improvement alternatives.
* Conduct slope-stability analyses.
* Provide other, site-specific studies.
* Soils evaluations.
* Site feasibility studies
* Other related services.
Geotechnical Engineering and Testing, Inc.


* Soil borings at any sampling interval with both standard penetration tests and undisturbed shelby tubes.
* Undisturbed sampling of very soft and stiff soils with a pitcher sampler.
* Undisturbed sampling via a piston sampler.
* Rock coring.
* Monitoring or observation well installation.
* Pumping well installation and pumping tests.
* Geophysical survey (resistivity).
* Fiber optic or vibrating wire transducers installation.
* Inclinometer installation and reading.

Geotechnical Laboratory Testing

* Dry preparation of soils.
* Particle size analysis of soils.
* Liquid limits of soils.
* Plastic limit and plasticity of soils.
* Specific gravity of soils.
* Moisture-density of soils.
* Unconfined compressive strength.
* One-Dimensional consolidation.
* Moisture content of soils.
* Unconsolidated, undrained triaxial comp.
* Consolidated, undrained triaxial comp.
* Density and moister of soils.
* Material finer than 0.075-mm (#200) sieve.
* Hydraulic conductivity of soils.
Geotechnical Engineering and Testing, Inc.

Construction Materials Testing

* Soil field density testing with nuclear moisture density gauge, sand cone or drive tube device.
* Concrete field sampling and testing. (Slump, air content, temperature, unit weight and yield)
* Compressive testing of concrete cylinders/beams.
* Floor flatness rating. (F-number)
* Compressive testing of masonry prisms.
* Coring concrete and asphalt cement.
* Compressive testing of cores and grout/mortar cubes.
* Gradation and specific gravity analyses of aggregates.
* Proctor density analyses. (Standard and modified)
* Laboratory vibrated density.
* Pile load tests.
* Tightness of high strength bolted connections.
* Paint thickness measurement.
* Sampling and analyses of storm water run-off.
* Pavement rating and evaluation.

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