Pier B South Renovations

    GET performed soils explorations and geotechnical engineering studies to assist the evaluation and design of renovation/repair/replacement alternatives for Pier B South at the Alabama State Port Authority. Pier B South is approximately 71 feet wide by 1580 feet long. The project also included a portion of Pier B River End (71 feet X 360 feet). Both piers are pile supported structures that were constructed around 1925. Repair of long-term, age-related damage to the existing concrete structures was an integral part of the project. However, the focus of GET’s services addressed renovation/replacement alternatives that would allow widespread floor loads on the pier of up to 1500 psf (more than double the original design floor loads). Services included performing eight soil test borings to depths of about 80 feet below the existing deck elevation, review of subsurface data from numerous prior studies in the vicinity, analyses to estimate capacities of existing and potential new piles, and analyses to estimate long-term settlement of soils in the event of placement of fill soils (coffer cell alternative). The varying ground surface slope beneath the existing pier required numerous analyses be performed for all alternatives being considered. The analyses also included consideration of a deeper dredge depth at the face of the pier in anticipation of servicing larger cargo ships.  

    Mobile, Alabama