Lab Testing

GET is staffed and equipped with a complete geotechnical laboratory for performing physical characteristics tests on soil, rock, aggregate, concrete and asphalt samples. Specialized equipment includes consolidometers for consolidation testing and triaxial cells for backpressure saturation of samples for hydraulic conductivity determination and for shear strength testing.  Test results are presented by computer generated reports.

Listed below are some of the geotechnical laboratory tests provided by GET on soil materials:

  • Classification (grain size, Atterberg limits)
  • Shear strength (unconfined, triaxial compression and direct shear)
  • Consolidation
  • Hydraulic conductivity (permeability)
  • Unit weight
  • Moisture-density relationship
  • Bearing ratio
  • Specific gravity
  • Resistivity
  • Organic content
  • Topsoil

GET’s laboratory is accredited through AASHTO to perform tests on soils, concrete, aggregates, asphalt and sprayed fire-resistive materials.  GET’s laboratory participates in semi-annual proficiency sample testing programs in each of these areas. 

GET’s laboratory and technician staff maintain the accreditations and certifications to provide quality assurance testing on flexible (P-401 asphalt) and rigid (P-501 concrete) pavement materials utilized on FAA projects.