Construction Materials Testing

GET provides Special Inspections, Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) observations and testing during the construction phase of projects.  These services are generally performed by technicians qualified through both training and experience who work under the direction of a professional engineer.  Our technicians have received internal training and/or various external agencies (e.g. ACI, NCAT, ALDOT, et cetera) to perform particular tests and have received appropriate safety training such as OSHA and Radiation safety.

GET’s laboratory is accredited through AASHTO to perform tests on soils, concrete, aggregates, asphalt and sprayed fire-resistive materials.  GET’s laboratory participates in semi-annual proficiency sample testing programs in each of these areas.  GET’s laboratory and technician staff maintain the accreditations and certifications to provide quality assurance testing on concrete and asphalt materials utilized on FAA projects.

Listed below are typical construction materials testing services provided:

  • Soil field density testing with nuclear moisture density gauge, sand cone or drive tube device
  • Concrete field testing – (slump, air content, temperature, unit weight and yield)
  • Concrete sampling to determine compressive strength of concrete 
  • Concrete sampling for testing flexural strength 
  • Sampling and testing soil-cement
  • Sampling and testing roller-compacted concrete
  • Compressive testing of masonry prisms
  • Coring concrete and asphalt cement 
  • Testing thickness and density of asphalt samples
  • Compressive testing of cores and grout/mortar cubes
  • Gradation and specific gravity analyses of aggregates
  • Proctor density analyses (standard and modified)
  • Laboratory vibrated density
  • Prepare laboratory mix designs of soil-cement and full-depth reclamation mixes
  • Pile load tests
  • Monitor pile installation
  • Tightness of high strength bolted connections
  • Paint thickness measurement
  • Sampling and analyses of storm water run-off
  • Pavement rating and evaluation
  • Sprayed Fire-Resistive Materials testing