Airbus Final Assembly Line – Enabling Works Package

    GET performed the construction materials testing for the development of the facility located within the Brookley Aeroplex at the Mobile Downtown Airport.  GET staff were responsible for the sampling, monitoring, testing and reporting on all materials relevant for the Enabling Works Package portion of the project.

    The construction site had a net effective area of approximately 232 acres with approximately a third of the site developed for the intended use of the Final Assembly Line United States (FAL-USA).  The FAL-USA site includes all necessary production facilities and all associated infrastructure.  This portion of the project included all of the mass grading of the site, construction of each of the building pads, and installation of all site drainage features and an 84 inch outfall structure. 

    GET’s scope of services included testing to ensure specifications were met for all soils and/or aggregates used on site and the compaction testing during placement of materials in preparation for the FAL-USA foundation installation.  GET’ senior technician staff worked closely with the contractor during all excavations and or backfilling operations to perform all of the necessary laboratory and field testing.  With the challenges of the highly moisture sensitive insitu soils and high ground water, the senior staff assigned to the project were able to support the contractor efficiently and effectively.  

    GET was responsible for the monitoring/testing for all roadway and side drainage piping supply and installation as well as roadway pavement structures (bituminous and concrete) installed within the project scope of work.  GET also performed storm water runoff discharge sampling and testing and completed all associated documentation to assure permit compliance.  GET’s senior geotechnical engineers provided consultation and support to both its technician personnel as well as the design team and owner during this phase of the project.

    Mobile, Alabama