Bernice J. Causey Middle School

    GET performed the geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing for the Middle School constructed in west Mobile for the Mobile County Public School System.  The school is an approximate 146,000 square foot single-story concrete block fill/brick veneer structure.  Also included in the project scope was the outside amphitheater, baseball and football fields and playground.  The results of the geotechnical investigation concluded that the school structure could be supported on spread foundations once site preparations addressed in the geotechnical report were performed dealing with the site’s sloping terrain and soft soils encountered during field explorations.  Recommendations were also specified for all associated pavement sections required for the development of the school as well as for the various traffic loading/patterns.  

    In addition to providing engineering support, construction materials testing services were provided during the construction phase of the project.  These services included laboratory and field testing of soils, concrete and grout field testing, laboratory compression strength testing, pavement installation/monitoring and testing and all associated documentation and distribution of field and test reports.  

    Mobile, Alabama