Brookley Aeroplex Geotechnical Investigation and Boring Compilation

    GET performed a geotechnical investigation for the primary purpose to support industrial development of portions of undeveloped land at the Brookley Aeroplex site.  GET also incorporated into the study all of the past GET soils investigations at the complex as well historical data from the United State Air Force that included Air Force soil boring data across the site as well as original runway design details and construction data.  The additional soil borings performed by GET included in the investigation were to supplement the GET and Air Force historical soils data so that a fairly comprehensive report could be documented and utilized for industrial development of the site.  GET provided a general overview of the site as well as geotechnical findings across the site.   GET findings addressed preliminary foundation recommendations for varying structures/foundation sizes as well as projected long-term settlement for varying foundation loading/size or large areas uniformly loaded for areas with compressible soils existed.  For heavy structures or structures that cannot tolerate settlement, GET provided recommendations for pile foundations.     

    Mobile, Alabama