Burke Memorial Library

    GET provided the soils explorations, geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing for the 23,000 square foot library on the campus of Spring Hill College.  The 3-story structure is concrete/masonry construction and was built along a ravine embankment bordering the northeastern portion of the college campus.  A portion of the footprint of the library was excavated 7 to 10 feet below existing grade and ravine embankment soils retained by the construction of retaining walls.  This allowed for the construction of the lower level of the library to open out to the ravine.  Although the entire structure is three stories, only the portion fronting the ravine has all three floor levels exposed.  

    The site investigation encountered very loose sands beneath portions of the structure.  GET recommended removal and replacement of the loose sands as well as recommended a portion of the building be surcharged with a preload to reduce the potential for settlement of the structure.  Once all site preparation recommendations were completed, spread foundations were utilized to support the structure.  GET also made recommendations for the design and construction of the retaining wall along the ravine as well as all backfill requirements. 

    GET provided professional engineering support and construction materials testing through the construction phase of the project.

    Mobile, Alabama