Church of His Presence

    GET provided the soils explorations and geotechnical investigation on the initial phase of the church project. The project included a church sanctuary with clear spans up to 240 feet and 60 feet in height, a 2500 seat auditorium, an 8000 square feet of lobby area, a worship support space, a 15,000 square foot office structure, and 10 acres of paved parking and drives. Recommendations were also provided for lane additions and widening of the adjacent state route roadway to provide safe access for the planned heavy traffic.  

    The geotechnical investigation found site conditions to be suitable to support all structures on shallow foundations. Site preparation recommendations were made which included specific guidelines to minimize the impact of rain events during construction so that structures and pavements could be constructed on insitu soils with little modification. These recommendations for construction provided a cost savings to the project.   

    GET provided professional engineering oversight and construction materials testing services for the duration of the project. 

    Baldwin County, Alabama