Downtown Renaissance Seniors Center and Multi-Family Duplexes

    GET performed the soils investigations and geotechnical engineering evaluations for the multi-phased development of a 3-story, 88 unit senior citizen structure and 87 multi-family units constructed immediately adjacent to downtown Mobile and the historic district. The development was constructed with a walkable pedestrian friendly layout opening up to Broad Street. Both phases of the project total $33.5 million and is a HUD Hope VI funded project for the Mobile Housing Board system. Due to site subsurface conditions, the multi-story senior center structure is supported on auger cast piling. After required site preparations were completed, the duplex structures were able to be supported on spread foundations. The project also included roadway/pavement design and construction. GET performed the construction materials testing services and provided professional engineering support as needed for the duration of the construction phase of the project.    

    Mobile, Alabama