FBI Headquarters Building

    GET was responsible for the geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing for the 100,000 square foot FBI Headquarters Building in Mobile, Alabama. The structure is an elevated, 2-story (and 1-story) steel framed structure. A portion of the site was underlain by buried rubble from an old ammunition depot explosion that occurred in the early years of Mobile’s history. GET evaluated multiple foundation approaches for the design team to consider in an effort to provide the most cost effective approach to developing the headquarters at the selected site. Geotechnical evaluations included settlement analyses and estimates, pile capacity estimates, site preload program and bearing capacity analyses and recommendations. Engineering analyses found that the structure could be founded on spread foundations if considerable site work occurred including a preload program of the site. Based on projected project cost and impact to the construction schedule, a deep foundation system, 14-inch square precast pre-stressed concrete piling, was selected by the design team. The project also included the design and construction of the associated drives and parking areas for the project. 

    Mobile, Alabama