Hampton Inn and Parking Deck

    GET was responsible for the soils investigation and geotechnical engineering for the Hampton Inn. The hotel is a 4-story structure approximately 94,500 square feet in size with a 3-story parking deck constructed adjacent to the hotel approximately 87,000 square feet. Due to projected project loads and the proximity of the development to existing older structures in downtown Fairhope, it was recommended to support both of the structures on drilled shaft foundations. To accommodate the existing grade and available space at the site, a load bearing retaining wall had to be constructed for portions of the site that required up to 10 feet of cut. The parking deck construction was pre-cast panel construction. The project also included the design and construction of concrete roadway/pavements. GET provided engineering oversight during construction and construction materials testing services for the project including monitoring of the drilled shaft installation and construction.  

    Fairhope, Alabama