Mobile Public Safety Complex

    GET was responsible for the geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing for the $6.5 million Public Safety Complex on Airport Boulevard constructed for the City of Mobile, Alabama. The facility houses both the Mobile Police Department’s Fifth Precinct and a Super Fire Station. The 28,480 square-foot facility was the first of its kind to be built in Alabama, with state-of-the-art public safety amenities for both the Police and Fire Departments. The facility was designed and built with the intent to centralize public safety underneath one roof. The complex includes the police precinct, fire station, general circulation areas, a joint gymnasium, dayrooms, kitchen, dormitories, a central technology area, as well as a fueling station and all associated concrete and asphalt roadways/pavements.  

    Geotechnical investigation recommendations were to found all structures on spread foundations once recommended site preparations were complete. GET provided pavement recommendations for all pavement types included in the scope of the project with respect to traffic loading and patterns. GET performed all construction materials testing through the construction phase of the project as well as provided engineering oversight. 

    Mobile, Alabama