Physician Office Building

    GET was responsible for the geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing and inspection for the 4-story steel frame 96,000 square foot Physician Office Building West at Infirmary Health Systems on Spring Hill Avenue.  Project scope of services also included two acres of patient parking adjacent to the building and all access roads.  Due to the highly compressible soils on site, deep foundations were required to support the heavy building loads.  GET also provided a recommendation/suggestion to the design team and owner to construct a basement beneath the structure.  By removing a substantial amount of insitu soils at the building location, loads were reduced on the piles that were used to support the structure resulting in a cost savings to the project.  In addition to the cost savings to the project, the owner chose to utilize the unplanned additional basement space for covered parking that provided direct access to the building.  GET addressed drainage issues and specific site preparation requirements for the entire site development.  GET provided engineering oversight through the construction phase as well as all associated construction materials testing services.

    Mobile, Alabama