Retreat at Schillinger Apartments

    GET provided the soils explorations and geotechnical engineering studies for the apartment complex located on Schillinger Road north of Grelot Road. The apartment complex includes three, 4-story wood-framed apartment buildings, each having a footprint of approximately 30,000 square feet. The development also has a one-story office/clubhouse building, swimming pool, and approximately 180,000 square feet of paved parking and drives. The site was previously undeveloped and required extensive grading with up to 15 feet of cut and 15 feet of fill, across the site. The cut and fill sections were stabilized by using mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls. An existing stream crossed the project site, requiring the installation of a pile supported bridge culvert. GET provided recommendations for the site preparation required to develop the site, foundation recommendations for retaining wall foundations as well as spread foundations for building structures, pile recommendations for the bridge culvert, and for heavy and standard duty pavement sections. GET provided engineering oversight and construction materials testing service though construction. 

    Mobile, Alabama