Stennis International Airport

    Runway Rehabilitation, New Taxiways and Aprons, Access Road and New Office Building – GET provided the soils explorations, soils/pavement investigation and developed the recommendations for multi-phased expansions and improvements to the Stennis International Airport. The existing pavement survey (for both asphalt and Portland cement) included walking subject areas and observing pavement type, extent and magnitude of distresses. GET also performed pavement cores, dynamic cone penetrometer tests and shallow borings at core locations to better delineate soil strata for recommendations. Distresses noted raveling, cracking, joint sealant deterioration, potholes to total base and/or subgrade failures. Recommendations were made for the required site preparation for new pavement construction. The office building constructed during one of the improvements is a 3-story structure with a footprint of 10,000 square feet. Due to existing site grades, the structure was elevated approximately 3 feet to establish drainage away from the structure. GET provided both shallow (requiring a preload with wick drains) and deep foundation recommendations for the project team to consider. 

    Bay St. Louis, Mississippi