University of South Alabama Dining Facility

    GET was responsible for the soils explorations and geotechnical engineering evaluations for the 10,000 square foot Dining Facility at the University of South Alabama.   The site, prior to development, was a sloping hillside with portions varying approximately 10 feet in elevation.  The majority of the structure was constructed at an elevation requiring some grade cut.  A portion of the structure was constructed with a partial basement built into the hillside with the exterior wall fronting the street constructed as a 2-story facade.  A retaining wall to partially support the structure and retain soils was designed and constructed to facilitate the basement construction.  GET provided all necessary soil parameters for the wall design since it was an integral part of the structure and could not be allowed to deflect.  GET provided engineering support through the construction phase of the project as well as the associated construction materials testing services. 

    Mobile, Alabama