Freestanding Emergency Building

    GET performed the soils explorations and geotechnical engineering studies for the University of South Alabama’s $14 million Freestanding Emergency Building constructed close to the intersection of Hillcrest Road and Old Shell Road near the main campus.  The single story structure with an approximate 21,000 square foot footprint was constructed within a 3-acre portion of a 40-acre parcel of land owned by the school.  Included in the project design was a helicopter pad, detention pond, and heavy duty drives and parking to accommodate ambulance and truck traffic. The project also included the design and construction of a 750 foot long access boulevard into the 40-acre site that is the initial spur for future site development.  

    The geotechnical findings allowed the structures to be founded on spread foundations once recommended site preparations had been completed.  The 3-acre parcel for the project had a differential slope with the building pad location requiring 3 feet of cut and 2 feet of fill.  The site also had loose insitu soils near the surface requiring removal and replacement with specified compacted fill.  GET also addressed foundation preparation/recommendations for the generator pad, helicopter pad, heavy duty pavements and the access boulevard.

    GET provided the construction materials testing and engineering support services during the construction phase of the project and worked with the project structural engineer to provide special inspections for the project.


    Mobile, Alabama