USS Alabama Battleship and USS Drum Restoration

    GET provided the soils explorations, geotechnical engineering studies, and construction observations for the USS Alabama and USS Drum restoration project for the USS Alabama Battleship Commission. GET performed both land and marine borings to support the geotechnical investigation and design recommendations for the project. A sheet-pile bulkhead was designed and constructed around the USS Alabama battleship to perform the required dewatering as needed for the hull restoration. A cathodic protection was applied to the hull during the restoration process to prevent future rusting and deterioration. In order to protect the submarine from future storm events and hurricanes, the submarine was moved from its original location in Mobile Bay to a land support structure. A sheet-pile lock structure was designed and constructed to float the USS Drum from its original location adjacent to the shoreline to the new permanent land support structure. Once moved to this structure, the hull was restored and remains on display to the public. 

    Mobile, Alabama