Viragh II and New Hall Dormitories

    GET performed the soils investigation and geotechnical engineering evaluations for the multi-phased development of dormitory structures on the campus of Spring Hill College.

    Viragh II is located on the northeast portion of the campus where one of the original dormitory structures had been located.  GET provided recommendations for the demolition of the structure in preparation for construction of the new structure.  The dormitory consists of three separate structures with a total footprint of 15,000 square feet.  All structures are 3-story construction providing for 139 residents in single and double room pod style living.  GET recommended portions of the project area be modified by excavating loose site soils and then replacement of the soils with controlled filling operations and compaction requirements.  Once all demolition and removal of debris had taken place and the site preparation recommendations followed, the structures were founded on shallow foundations in lieu of more expensive deep foundation systems.  

    New Hall also consists of three separate structures with a total footprint of approximately 23,000 square feet.  It is constructed in a U shape fashion allowing for 222 residents in both single and double room layouts.  The site terrain was sloping with a differential elevation of 15 feet.  GET and the project architect worked together to utilize the grade change to construct portions of the structure three stories with the balance four stories.  GET provided retaining wall recommendations to the structural engineer to accommodate the varying construction elevations.  The soils investigations found the site to be underlain by compressible soils.  With the projected design loads, excessive differential settlement was determined to be significant.  GET recommended a preload program for the building area to address settlement so that more economical shallow foundations could be utilized.  

    GET performed all of the required construction materials testing services and provided professional engineering support for the duration of the construction phase. 

    Mobile, Alabama