Vista Bella Condominium

    GET provided the soils explorations and geotechnical engineering investigation for the 14-story condominium constructed on Ole River in East Orange Beach.  The project also included an indoor outdoor pool, an amenities building, access roads and parking areas. 

    Based on geotechnical findings and consideration given to the location of the structure on a strip of land between the Gulf of Mexico and Ole River, GET recommended that the tower structure be supported on deep foundations.  GET provided multiple pile option recommendations so that the project team could select the most cost effective deep foundation type for the project.  GET gave the option to either pile support the single story structures or support them on shallow foundations protected by rip rap.  Rip rap specifications were addressed in the geotechnical report so that shallow foundations would be protected against damage from wave action during a storm or hurricane events.  GET also provided pavement recommendations for both flexible and rigid pavements.  

    GET provided engineering oversight through construction as well as the construction materials testing and pile installation monitoring.

    Orange Beach, Alabama