Walmart Distribution Center Access Roadways

    (County Farm Road and McDonald Road) – GET was responsible for the soils exploration, geotechnical investigation and materials testing for the grade, pave, and widening for both County Farm Road and McDonald Road to provide access to the Walmart Distribution Center constructed in Mobile, Alabama. Approximately 1600 lineal feet (LF) of County Farm road was resurfaced and widened and an additional 1800 LF of the road was constructed along a new alignment. Approximately 1000 LF of McDonald Road required reconstruction. Based on the types of soils encountered and the insitu California bearing ratio values determined from the dynamic cone penetrometer tests, it was found that most of the soils were considered poor for providing subgrade support for the heavily loaded traffic accessing the distribution center. The poor soils required the use of a soft soil stabilization design to prepare the subgrade for construction. GET provided multiple pavement section options for cost comparisons to the owner and design team prior to construction as well as the required subgrade improvements to support significant truck traffic loading. GET provided engineering oversight and consultation as well as materials testing services through construction phase of the project.  

    Mobile County, Alabama